Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sould eater Review and New Daily Anime Releases

Soul Eater, is a new series starting and all I can say is WOW!!!... it is an irreverent show about a group of shinigami and their weapons. They stop demons from eating human souls because if enough of them are eaten the demon will become the Kishin who will end the world. The Shinigami are student at the shinigami university which trains up and coming shinigami to become true shinigame with a death scythe and become very powerful. To do so they must collect souls of these demon and the scythe eats them and gains power once they have collected 99 demon souls and 1 witches soul they are promoted.

The show starts off with meeting Maka, and Soul her scythe collecting their 99th soul and then going after a witch. Now this show is absolutely hilarious but at the same time has some of the best action sequences I have ever seen. That girl and her scythe are awesome... they tear it up and she never even breaks a sweat. The action sequences look like well choreographed hong kong fighting scenes. She wield that scythe will impeccable skill and grace. The witch turns out to be some trouble for the two but she is hilarious using her feminine whiles to taunt and tease the scythe who when not working he is a just a regular "cool" guy. Especially since he jumped through the witches window right into her bathtub with her and all her "boing boing" glory.

The comedy is great, the action is superb and plot and story seem very interesting with a lot of potential. I have high hopes for this one.

Here are today's hot new releases;
Soul Eater . 1
D.Gray-man . 78
Kaiji . 25
Special A . 1
Vampire Knight . 1
Zettai Karen Children . 1
Blassreiter . 1
Kure-nai . 1 - subbing team did this in HD so hope you got a beefy machine to play it
To Love-Ru . 1
xxxHOLic: Kei . 1 - YAY!!! Its back!
Druaga no Tou: the Aegis of Uruk . 1
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 . 1
Itazura na Kiss . 1
Kanokon . 1
Bus Gamer . 1
Bus Gamer . 2

That's the list of some of the new releases for the new season. Check them out so far they are all worth watching a few stand out amongst the rest. Watch for my reviews over the next few days of each of these titles. Its exciting when a new season starts I can actually get busy and have something worth writing about.

As always enjoy the shows and check back often for updates and reviews on the hot new shows.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Series End's for a few shows! Daily New Anime Series

Well Rental Magica and a few other shows have come to an end. Its always bitter sweet to see your favorite new shows end after a measly 12 episodes but on the other hand your excited for whats coming next and praying for a second season.

The ending for a few of the recent series, felt a little empty. Not really resolving anything. Only creating more questions. It's almost as if they are setting up a second season. But most of them don't seem to have anything slated, so if they never do get picked up we are left feeling unsatisfied.

Rental Magica is a prime example they have all this mystery and questions where is his dad what other secrets are there with astral, and various other things. So whats gonna happen. I have heard nothing of a second season but maybe I missed it somewhere or I'm not looking hard enough.

Anyways, Here is saying good bye to what was and hello to what will be.

Daily listing are hard to keep up with sometimes, so dont get too upset when I slack off cause of RL stuff. Being a father and husband limits my time for daily blogs. But I will try to do my best and be consistent. So please continue to visit and check my daily listings and thoughts on current anime and new stuff coming soon.

- Animewill

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rental Magica Review and New Daily Anime Releases

Rental Magica is pretty good better than when I first reviewed it. The characters are flashing out well and the story is starting to take shape. The son of a powerful magic group that rent out their abilities to clean up and fight magic pollution and paranormal incidents has suddenly been thrust into the manager of the group when his father disappears. Although he has no real power or knows anything about magic he has a special eye which grants him the ability to see magic and read it. However his eye has become possessed by a demon and is tearing his body apart from the inside. He is slowly learning to use the eyes power for his own ends and to help his team instead of being a burden to them. His cast is made up of a ghost that they rescue a Celtic mage and a few traditional monks.

There are some great love triangles and sub plots in the series that are very interesting and seem to be maturing rather nicely. I find the main focus of the story to be filler exploring the backgrounds and past of the cast and their motivations for what they do and why they joined the group. But it all seems to be leading up to something much bigger and I can't wait for it. The characters themselves are well done and interesting. And I do enjoy learning about where they came from I just hope it relevant in the long run. But something tells me it's just filler.

Anyways here is today's listing;
Minami-ke: Okawari . 8
Shakugan no Shana II . 19

Thanks and enjoy the shows!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro​ Review and New Dailyn Anime Releases

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro​ is a series about a demon who eats mysteries, after eating all the mysteries from the demon world he comes to earth to solve and digest earth's mysteries and he enlists the help of a young girl who's own mystery is haunting her. Her father was brutally murdered in his own house in a locked room. The police claimed it as suicide but the truth is waiting to be found.

The show is great mystery novel fun, try to solve it before he does. Although the writers tend to give too much away too soon. (the show is 30 minutes after all.) But it is enjoyable how he sets them up and unravels things. The idea of a high school detective who seeks out mysteries and solves them and nobody even bats an eye at this cracks me up. It so outlandish and over the top. The criminal turning into some kind of crazed monster once cornered is icing on the cake as if its their true nature. I think the characters are fun to watch and the slap stick humor is pretty darn good and comedic timing is excellent. Over all its a fun show to watch just don't expect a lot of suspense and drama. It's more comedy than horror mystery. But it does get gruesome I mean most mysteries are about murders some more horrific than others but generally the show tends to keep the mood light.

The idea of a demon who eats mysteries is quite unique and interesting and that's pretty much what got me watching in the first place now I stay for the comedy and humor. he is just to funny how he toys with the humans. Good fun to be had for everyone.

And now for the best part of everyone day the listing;
True Tears . 8
Rosario to Vampire . 8
Rental Magica . 20
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro . 13
Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo . 4
Kekkaishi . 49
Kaiji . 20
Himawari!! . 2
Bamboo Blade . 20
Sisters of Wellber . 12
Persona - Trinity Soul . 8
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 . 20
Kimikiss Pure Rouge . 20
Gallery Fake . 15

Thanks and enjoy the shows!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hatenkou Yugi Review and New Daily Anime Releases

Hatenkou Yugi is a pretty interesting show with some pretty good dramatic undertones without being massively preachy or taking itself too serious. Our hero this time around is a woman who is cast out and told to travel the world. She find herself some travel companions promising them they would never be bored. As they travel they look for work doing odd jobs town to town saving the day using her magical abilities and her companions brute strength and talents. All of them hoping one day to find answers to the questions that have brought them here in their lives.

This is a pretty interesting show but i often times feel like they rush episodes, like the story is big enough for a 3 parter but they rush through it to get the whole thing done in 30 minutes. Which takes what would have been an exciting show and turn it into a fast food version. While it doesn't taste bad its not exactly healthy for you. The characters are interesting and mysterious as you try to figure out their past. The over all story is about revenge and betrayal, so dont expect anything too light and most of the story subject matter is kind of disturbing at least a few have been the kind that you say. "oh my god they actually went there." People die in this show and not nicely either in one show a kid is taken and chopped up for parts of some kind of new Frankenstein retelling. The show ends with the distraught mother wandering around still trying to find him. For anyone with kids thats just gut wrenching.

Here are todays new daily releases;
Spice and Wolf . 8
Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula . 22
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! . 67
Tokimeki Memorial - Only Love . 25 .5
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro​ . 12
Mai-Otome 0 - S.ifr . 1
Hayate no Gotoku! . 45
Hakaba Kitarou . 5
H20 - Footprints in the Sand . 8
Dragonaut - The Resonance . 20
Chocotto Sister . 20
Angelique - When the Heart Awakens . 3

I want to thank the visitors to this blog. In the last few days, my blog readership almost doubled. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the shows!